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  • 8 hours of dedicated live 1-on-1 sessions via Zoom
  • Regular recurring sessions, flexible scheduling
  • Focus on immediate challenges as well as longer-term goals
  • Tailored to your unique vision & goals - focus on areas that are most relevant to you
  • For artists who have some foundational production skills & knowledge
  • Additional savings
  • Benefit from personalized follow-ups & integration
  • Sessions recorded & provided for your later review
  • Organizational ecosystem with useful tools & benefits provided (Notion)

This service is broken down into several areas of focus that include all the other aspects you'll need to complete your musical project as a whole. Learn to develop your signature sound, choose the right gear for your goals, focus on relevant production techniques, optimize your workflow, organize your creative environment, strategize your sessions, manage extensive projects from start to finish, and more. 

After the foundation of the actual music has been accomplished, this service will also provide guidance in weaving all the elements of your project together into a cohesive brand package that embodies your vision, tastes, story and aesthetic - and stands the test of time. This is what elevates uniquely striking music projects and makes them stand out in a sea of homogenization and same-ness. This service focuses on cultivating these additional disciplines, practices and assets in a way that is uniquely tailored to your specific path, vision and core values. By the end of our sessions, you'll have increased clarity, confidence and inspired determination to transform your grand vision into reality.



There are multiple routes to developing your distinct style, shaped by your influences, preferences, tastes and authentic vision. While it's vital to create frequently and let it emerge organically, it's also very helpful, and possible, to create a detailed "map" of your sonic DNA: the musical aesthetic you excitedly envision in your mind's eye, the qualities you want it to have, the discoveries you've made - all unified into a tangible, actionable strategy. This personalized style map provides direction, clarity and structure in what can be an endless, paralyzing sea of possibilities. Together we'll outline the steps, techniques, and resources needed to bring your unique sound to life so you can feel confident in what you're aiming to achieve.


A "vision manifesto" acts as a carefully curated body of information that contains and represents all the aspects (other than the music) that form your musical project as a whole: your creative philosophy and intentions, your story and the message you'd like to convey, relevant concepts and titles, imagery and artwork, who your audience is, and more. These additional elements serve to support, enhance and expound upon the music itself - informing the branding, presentation, and how your music will be experienced. We'll determine the answers to these questions, represent them effectively, and weave all the materials together into a cohesive, meaningful foundation for the identity of your musical project.


Choosing the most effective gear for your specific goals and that serves the larger effort to achieve the sound you're after, is one of the most crucial aspects of developing your musical vision. Within the break-neck speed of innovation and rapidly expanding music technology market, it's incredibly useful to have a strategy that informs these choices - versus the alternative of option paralysis, irrelevant gear acquisition, and years of trial & error. Learn how to make these decisions in direct alignment with the parameters outlined by your "style map" - guiding your choices of hardware, software, plugins and relevant techniques that all add up to create an inspiring, optimized workflow that's right for you and your music.


In addition to having your skills and workflow down, employing effective gear and techniques, and a clear understanding of your vision and goals - there's another skillset needed: managing your projects effectively. Whether it's a full length album, a film score, a set of EP's or even a single, seeing projects through from start to completion involves a number of additional, more "administrative" responsibilities. Learn to become become proficient with juggling multiple tasks and projects within the production process including: sketching, developing, finishing, mixing efficiently, as well as implementing time management strategies like session planning and working on deadlines, to effective collaborative strategies and practices for ensuring quality control.


This is the point where you take everything you have in your creative arsenal and combine it into a cohesive, streamlined experience that is forward-facing to the public. Unifying your music, ethos, story, message, imagery and professional intentions, your artist brand speaks volumes to your audience regarding what you stand for, and provides them with additional layers of substance to enage with beyond the scope of your sonic expression. While I do not offer logo desgn, I can assist you in navigating the process of assembling an inspiring brand around your music that is based on your authenticity as an artist - including EPK, biography, genre descriptors, social media branding, associated imagery, press releases, and more.


(Find out more during the intake process)


  • Discover, develop and map out your authentic signature sound, providing direction and clarity
  • Choose the right gear for the right reasons, making your desired sound a reality
  • Understand and implement the ideal studio workflow for you and YOUR distinct musical vision
  • Break through choice paralysis within the production process and know which tools are relevant for your needs
  • Have a clear understanding of every aspect of your project as a whole, all in an organized "vision manifesto" that will provide direction for years to come
  • Represent, curate and write about your creative vision, intentions and story, providing a deeper, tangible experience for your audience
  • Build a lasting brand package around your values, preferences and music
  • Understand the phases of your process, manage time and plan sessions effectivey to reach your goals
  • Take on complex, multi-layered projects and see them through to completion with confidence and clarity
  • Access and curate everything in an concise, organized informational ecosystem (Notion)



$740 ($60 in savings)


Consistency is key for development, and regular scheduled sessions are ideal for your progress. Options are flexible:


1 x 2 hour session per week (ideal)


1 x 1 hour sessions per week

We'll determine the best scheduling options during the intake process.



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I'm a Composer, Producer, Sound Designer and DJ with 22+ years of experience writing, releasing and performing original multi-genre work. In addition, I'm an Ableton Live Instructor and Creativity Coach with an infinite passion for empowering creativity in other developing electronic music artists. I believe that great music is magic at its finest, and that we humans are at our best when we're in our creative flow - which makes the world a better place. I highly look forward to helping you achieve your creative vision. Learn more about me here.