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  • 8 Dedicated live 1-on-1 sessions via Zoom (each session 1 hour)
  • Regular recurring sessions, flexible scheduling
  • Focus on mid - long term goals
  • More continuity - we get into a rhythm of productivity and progress 
  • Work with a Kaizen-Muse certified coach
  • Specifically aimed at overcoming blocks within music production
  • Focus on challenges that are most relevant to you
  • Based around your specific musical vision and workflow
  • Personalized follow-ups & integration
  • Sessions recorded & provided for your later review
  • Notion template and organizational ecosystem with useful tools & benefits provided

Rooted in the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen, this highly specialized service focuses on achieving sustainable creative growth by breaking things down into small, non-threatening steps that reshape habits and patterns that stand in the path to progress. It places emphasis on awakening and cultivating your own sense of intuitive guidance, rather than external measurements and systems of validation. It's a system of working through and out of creative ruts, getting in deeper with what you truly want to express as an artist, and feeling confident in building your sound - taking risks, being unique, being YOU - through YOUR sound.

The benefits are gained through coaching sessions where we identify your goals, what's standing in the way, explore limiting beliefs and patterns - and then apply specific tools, exercises and strategies to reframe and overcome those barriers. This leads to increased motivation, focus, accountability, and ultimately a more empowered, enjoyable approach. During our sessions, I'll offer a range of techniques including empathic listening and conversation, guided experiences, intentional exercises, insightful suggestions and helpful integration approaches. After each session, I'll provide you with a detailed follow-up that highlights a recap, breakthroughs and what the next step is to move forward.



As music producers, chasing perfection is all too common and puts us on a path of pursuing an idealized vision of excellence and setting incredibly high, sometimes unattainable goals for ourselves. There can be positives to this, as it inspires us to strive forward, do our very best and aim high - often unlocking possibilities that can be worth the effort. However, the constant need for perfection can also sometimes drain us of the joy and fulfillment that comes from making music - robbing us of a sense of personal satisfaction. Learn approaches for embracing a more adaptable, fluid and open approach so creativity can keep moving forward and stay FUN.


This is one of the most common and universal blocks to have as a producer. Showing up consistently to take that next step can feel difficult and even scary - so delaying it is a natural response. This block is usually based on feeling resistant to risk, vulnerablity, the pressure of doing it right, etc - and occurs usually as a combination of the others: fear of failure, perfectionism, not knowing where to start, etc. It can become a chronic block unto itself, and is time-based: the perpetual self-promise that you'll do it in the future, you're just not ready yet, etc. We'll explore effective approaches that will help you consistently show up to your creative space ready and excited to create in the moment.

Overwhelm & Choice Paralysis

With any artform, but especially this one, it's very easy to feel overwhelmed: by all that you want to do, the limitlessness of what you COULD do, what you SHOULD do, managing time and priorities, wearing many hats & switching gears, the constant barrage of new tools, instruments, technologies and techniques, and more. In this age of information and possibility overload, it's paramount to navigate these feelings via a clear strategy that includes tools for prioritizing what really matters, a system of organizing your thoughts and workflow, and cultivating an empowered mindset that allows you to keep your sights on your true, intuitive vision.


A very common block is that of thinking too far ahead - about how your ideas will be received, the resulting criticisms, who it will (and won't) please, fitting into a scene/genre, and similar pressures. It's essential and preferable when writing music that you're able to be present in what you're experiencing and expressing - the act of creation itself. Focusing on what might happen post-exposure can sometimes get in the way of the process, creating a feedback loop where your ideas and actions are influenced by your perceptions of how it could be perceived - a paradox between subjective experience and projected objective perception. We'll address this pattern and implement effective tools that help re-focus in on the creative act.


This often-experiened block consists of falling into a pattern of hindering your own efforts to move toward your vision, delaying progress through a variety of ways including: prioritizing everything BUT your creative work, setting up circumstances for disappoinment, failing to follow through with intentions, alienating people, making oneself inaccessible, abandoning efforts as they become successful, and more. Underlying root causes vary greatly and can incude issues like harsh inner criticism, discomfort with success, over-committment and unrealistic expectations, among others. We'll work together to better understand these patterns and interrupt them - so you can return to the FLOW.


Reframing the age-old misconception of writers block is one of the most useful benefits of learning to implement creativity coaching principles. The concept of waiting for inspiration to strike before making creative moves is not only impractical, it's out-dated. In reality, the creative process can be initiated much more reliably by flipping that particular narrative, and learning to show up to the creative workspace consistently - with a mind that is open to llimitless possibilities and a willingness to take an actionable step into the unknown. Gain tools will make the habit of slipping into this modality much more accessible and repeatable, so that you feel a sense of confidence and trust each time you step into the studio.


(Find out more during the intake process)


  • Learn effective approaches for getting out of creative ruts
  • Cultivate an optimal creative mindset and workflow for your music & vision
  • Learn to better understand the inner workings of your creative path
  • Overcome creative blocks and make consistent & sustained progress toward your goals
  • Develop confidence and trust in your own unique creative instincts
  • Stop waiting for inspiration and consistently initiate it instead
  • Benefit from the non-linear nature of the creative process
  • Gain deeper fulfillment and satisfaction from writing and finishing music
  • Receive guidance, feedback, and accountability from a dedicated creativity coach
  • Learn to utilize a personally tailored organizational ecosystem to navigate, document and archive your progress



$1460 ($140 in savings) 

(payment plan available)


Options are flexible, but 1 hour every week or every other week is recommended. We'll determine the best scheduling options during the intake process.



  1. Follow the link below to an intake questionaire.
  2. If I feel that I can assist you, we'll schedule a free discovery call.
  3. If we both agree that this is a good fit, you'll be offered one of only 10 seats, we'll proceed to payment options and begin.



I'm a Composer, Producer, Sound Designer and DJ with 22+ years of experience writing, releasing and performing original multi-genre work. In addition, I'm an Ableton Live Instructor and Creativity Coach with an infinite passion for empowering creativity in other developing electronic music artists. I believe that great music is magic at its finest, and that we humans are at our best when we're in our creative flow - which makes the world a better place. I highly look forward to helping you achieve your creative vision. Learn more about me here.