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  • By-the-hour dedicated live 1-on-1 mentoring via Landr Sessions
  • Focus on immediate & shorter-term goals
  • Flexible - purchase time and schedule when you'd like (blocks of at least 2 hours highly suggested)
  • You guide the topics, I provide the expertise OR choose a specific phase/skill-set (see below)
  • Based around your specific vision & genre preferences
  • Pivot fluidly and organically according to what's exciting to you
  • Discover & explore what you'd like to focus on moving forward
  • See & test how we work together
  • Track feedback & assistance available
  • Sessions recorded & provided for your later review
  • Notion template and organizational ecosystem with useful tools & benefits provided

This flexible hourly-based path of knowledge is ideal if you'd like to learn at your own pace without committing to a longer-term structured plan, or just want to focus on very immediate goals. This option is meant to be fluid, giving you the option to schedule sessions on a less regimented basis.

Wherever you are in your path, whether a complete beginner or looking to improve your existing skills, sessions will be tailored to your individual needs and preferences. We'll work at a pace that's comfortable for you and adapt to your learning style, making sure that you get the most out of each session. By the end of our time together, you'll walk away with new knowledge and skills that you can apply immediately to your musical projects and developing vision.



Learn to tell powerful musical stories by creating striking, inspiring ideas from the very beginning, getting it right at the source. Everything that follows is only as good as the core musical ideas which then feed into the sound design, arrangement, mixing, etc. Through hands-on guidance, you'll become capable of crafting captivating melodies, beautiful harmonies, catchy hooks and potent themes via effective music theory tools that will make all the difference in your music, and more.


Gain the power to conjure sounds straight from your imagination - giving unique identity, form and movement to your musical ideas. Learn to use the instruments, techniques and approaches that are the most relevant for your musical style and vision. Become well versed in using multiple types of synthesis, creative sampling, audio editing, effect processing, innovative modulation techniques, and more. We’ll ensure you're able to create the sounds that will define your musical lexicon.


Craft your music into its ultimate form by shaping its energy, progression, and narrative to create a captivating journey from start to finish. Whether you're working with short or long forms, conforming to established genres or pushing boundaries, we'll explore a variety of approaches to arranging your ideas into full songs that consistently hit the mark. With feedback and guidance, you'll develop the confidence to make your tracks build and progress with suspense, tension, and release.


Implement innovative mixing techniques to express your ideas, emotions, and message as articulately as possible. Learn effective gain staging strategies, project organization, and signal processing chains that will help you craft impeccable mixes. I'll introduce you to life-changing plugins and show you how to work smarter, not harder, bring your music up to industry standards, and emphasize warmth, texture, and dynamic range. Your mixes will be powerful, loud, and impactful, leaving listeners with a lasting impression.


Bring your tracks to full fruition by harnessing calculated, precision-based tools and techniques that enhance, define, clarify, and polish your tracks to their full potential. Embrace new technologies and methods that align with modern electronic music standards, such as the ability to mix into a mastering chain to envision the final product as you create. With dedicated guidance, you'll learn how to ensure your music is balanced, cohesive, and ready for distribution, and how to optimize it for playback across different systems.


Maximize the potential of your MIDI hardware controllers to take greater hands-on control of the elements that matter most to your musical intentions. Whether you're improvising or performing finished tracks, I'll show you how to implement mapping strategies, smart knobs, Max For Live devices and innovative automation to infuse your music with humanity and soul. Learn to make your music more expressive, emotional, and authentic - enabling you to connect with your audience in deeper, more meaningful ways.


  • Starting, developing and FINISHING unique, high quality music consistently
  • Implementing music theory tools & fundamental songwriting skills 
  • Creating dynamic arrangements that engage the listener from start to finish
  • Writing tracks that translate to dancefloors and cinematic headphone experiences alike
  • Manipulating tension and release to create emotional impact 
  • Crafting unique, emotionally powerful, memorable melodies & harmonies 
  • Communicating your creative ideas with confidence and clarity
  • Designing your own one-of-a-kind sounds and custom sound pallete 
  • Mixing & Mastering your own tracks with superior engineering techniques


scheduling options:

Consistency is key for development, and booking a multi- session package is highly reccomended for your continual progress. Options are flexible:


SUGGESTED: 1 x 3 hour lesson per week (ideal)


2 x 1.5 hour lessons per week


2 hrs every other week

We'll determine the best scheduling options during the intake process.







Save $20 by purchasing this 3 hour time block


Save $30 by purchasing this 4 hour time block


Save $50 by purchasing this 8 hour time block


Save $70 by purchasing this 8 hour time block


We'll chat about your vision, goals and obstacles, and see if this would truly be a good fit.


About Me

I'm a Composer, Producer, Sound Designer and DJ with 22+ years of experience writing, releasing and performing original multi-genre work. In addition, I'm an Ableton Live Instructor and Creativity Coach with an infinite passion for empowering creativity in other developing electronic music artists. I believe that great music is magic at its finest, and that we humans are at our best when we're in our creative flow - which makes the world a better place. I highly look forward to helping you achieve your creative vision. Learn more about me here.